Sports Massage
Sports Massage


Sports massage is a 90-minute therapeutic massage that is designed specifically for athletes and physically active individuals. This massage technique aims to prevent/treat injuries, improve performance, and aid in recovery. It involves deep tissue massage, stretching, cupping therapy, Colombian wooden therapy, plus other techniques to target areas of tension and muscle soreness. Sports massage can be used before or after physical activity, as well as during training or competition. It can also be beneficial for individuals who engage in regular exercise or have physically demanding jobs.

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When you step in our Manhattan location, your stepping into a modern luxury Medspa. Vanessa Marc Spa is located in the heart of New York City.Our VIP clientele in the Fashion, Beauty & Entertainment industry trust us to take care of their skincare needs. We cater to and foster a diverse clientele servicing to all skin types so you'll feel comfortable knowing we offer a variety of services and a quality experience.


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